A mom moose and her new calf are around most of the year, and guests enjoy watching them from the front porch or through the windows of their rooms! They are lanky and awkward looking, but move quite gracefully and quickly. In some videos, you can hear Little Girl the husky barking at the moose–they pay her no mind most of the time. They’re happy to mosey through and eat all the berries and fruit trees at the B&B.

Guests should only view the moose from a distance and with a defensible structure between you and the moose. We suggest taking pictures or video from your rooms or from the front porch because you can retreat into the house quickly if a moose charges. Use your camera’s zoom to get you closer and never put yourself at risk. Never wander out into the middle of the lawn with moose just yards away, and be aware of where the calf is in relation to Mom Moose.