Downtown Palmer
Stroll Palmer’s main street (called South Alaska Street) for boutique stores offering souvenirs that nicer than the made-in-China variety. Shane Lamb Gallery, Non-Essentials, Sidekicks, Silvertip Designs, and other fine local merchants showcase local art, woven or sewn items, food items, carved antler/bone/ivory or furs for gifts or mementos of your time in Palmer.
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Downtown Talkeetna
Artsy types flock to live in Talkeetna for its bohemian and quiet lifestyle, so you’ll find galleries and shops all up and down the main street featuring locally produced art and souvenirs. This is a great ladies’ shopping day destination.
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Anchorage Fur Factory
Hands-down, a must-see. You’ll touch and see incredibly beautiful furs and native-made crafts that you’ve never seen before. A quirky little store, full to the ceiling with items made from Alaska animals including exquisite ivory carvings. We can’t live without their beautiful seal and beaver slippers for cold winter nights.
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They actually have the most extensive selection of Alaska and Mat-Su souvenirs, as well as anything else you could need.
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Wasilla got a Target a couple years ago, so you can get your Target fix if you’d like!
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Fred Meyer
Grocery store that also has clothing, housewares and sporting goods (a Kroeger company in case you get points or have a Rewards card)
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Carr’s Safeway Grocery Store
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Alaska Native Medical Center
A little off the beaten path, but check out this hospital gift shop (and the art on the hospital walls) for a glimpse into the art and lives of Alaska’s natives. When native people come to Anchorage for treatments, they often bring craftwork they’ve created in their villages, for sale.
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