Welcome back, geese

Today nearly 400 noisy Canada geese flew overhead and circled to settle on the field below the house. They have claimed a hay field, while the ducks have taken over a tilled field that grew potatoes last year offers more mud for the ducks. Hopefully it won’t be long til the sandhill cranes return, too. I’m very excited because today Jeff Corwin and the Animal Planet team (on the Discovery Channel) reserved the whole B&B for May 5th for their visit. They’ll be here to film at the Musk Ox Farm, and that’s good timing, because the babies are typically born right before Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day at the Musk Ox Farm is always a free day (no charge) to go, and it’s fun to see the rolly polly little bundles of shaggy fur running around on their bitty hooves and sturdy little legs.

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