We have TWINS!!

While I was making dinner last night, I glanced out the front door and saw a moose calf on the tennis court! And then another! Twins! We have twins! This is the first time in my five years here the Mama moose has had twins. It was 3 girls then a boy calf last year. I can’t tell the sex of these babies, but they must be less than a week old. They were still walking very stiffly. Of course, I imagine this was their first time to walk on pavement, figuring out what the heck this tennis court thing was in the yard!

The last sighting of Mom moose was nearly two weeks ago, by guest Sai walking our dog hunter out in the woods. Sai said she spooked the moose and it charged her and Hunter, but there was plenty of distance between them and the moose, and the moose turned away. Sai wasn’t able to tell with the undergrowth if Mom moose was still pregnant at that point; presumably so.

In a day or so, I’ll have the new video of the baby twins walking around. Already, Mom is instructing them in the ways of how to take advantage of the B&B property: she showed one of the calves how to stretch up into the apple tree and pick out those delectible, sweet apple blossoms for a snack. I suppose the red currant bushes along the house will be the next stop! I guess I should add in three more guests for breakfast each day now!

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