Wasilla’s Vice Presidential Nominee Sarah Palin

This is the third biggest event to happen in Alaska history! Governor Sarah Palin was noiminated to be the Vice Presidential Nomination on Sen. John McCain’s ticket. The only days more memorable in state history are when Alaska became a state 50 years ago, and when the pipeline was put in.

This photo is a bad one I took with my cell phone at her inaugural ball a year and a half ago. I wasn’t very far away and did get to talk to her, but the photo came out poorly in the low light of the dance. It was very cool to go to a governor’s inaugural ball. And I can claim to have met Gov. Palin several times. For a while a couple of years ago, we used to bump into each other at the grocery store. You know how if you see someone in one aisle and say hi then bye, how you keep criss-crossing every aisle with them? That’s the extent of my personal knowledge of Sarah Palin, that I said I thought it was great that she might run for Governor, and now she’s running for Vice President of the United States. Alaskans are so excited today!

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