Unpack only once: Do-able Day Trips

Most folks visit Alaska for 5-10 days and want to see Anchorage, Denali and Seward. One good reason to stay at Alaska Garden Gate B&B longer is that our central location is in an area with lower lodging costs and lower bed tax. This means you can not only save hundreds of dollars in room rates but also on taxes which are much more. This also allows you to use your prime vacation time efficiently by coming back to our B&B each night.

Does this suit your travel style? By driving an hour or two more, you can save up to $100/night and not have to hunt for your new place to stay each night or worry about check-in times. Once you check in here the first day, you’ll know where you’re sleeping the next few nights and will be able to set your schedule however you like. While it’s not unusual to pay $200+ per night in Anchorage or around Denali, you’ll find reasonable rates in the Mat-Su Valley and at our B&B, ranging from $99 and up. Also, our Mat-Su bed tax is just 5%, compared to other Alaska destinations where bed taxes are as much as 12%. On a several-night stay, that difference can add up to the price of a night’s stay! One other economic benefit to staying longer at Alaska Garden Gate B&B is that we offer discounts for multi-night stays. You’ll see that the rates decrease 15% for a 2-5 night stay, and a 6+ night stay takes 25% off the price. Many guests who don’t mind driving a bit more have found this to be their best value for several nights during their vacation.

Also see ideas for what to do for 3-Day Itineraries, 5-Day Itineraries, etc. on our Itineraries page of our website. There you’ll also find ideas for active seniors, outdoor adventurers, parents traveling with kids, those interested in birding, viewing wildlife, flowers and plants, the Iditarod and sled dogs, berry picking, hiking, and many other interests.

With that in mind, here are places that are do-able day trips from Alaska Garden Gate B&B:

Anchorage: It’s only 40 minutes into town from our B&B, so you can save with our lower rates, staying at our B&B if you want to go to Anchorage for shopping, museums, or it’s the day you arrive in Alaska or the night before your departure for home.

Denali: This is a longer day-trip since it is 3 1/2 hours from our B&B to the mouth of DNP (Denali National Park). But it can make sense, particularly as part of a longer stay at our B&B where your per-night rate is so low versus the “gotcha” higher rates for hotels and lodging near Denali.

Talkeetna: The town of Talkeetna makes a fun day trip from our B&B, to walk the two-block long main street or do an activity on the rivers or flightseeing. It’s a 90-minute drive each way. We recommend going flightseeing with Talkeetna Air Taxi (see our Activities page; also see our Itinieraries page for more ideas of things to see and do around Talkeetna). It’s also a good place for dinner, preferably a place with a view of Denali.

Hatcher Pass: Just 13 miles north of the B&B, this extraordinarily beautiful natural mountain pass is a good place to get away for hiking, touring the defunct gold mine, or a leisurely drive.

The Glenn Highway Scenic Byway: Leaving Palmer and traveling east, you can have a spectacular day full of views of pristine glaciers, mountains and rivers.

Girdwood and Whittier: Very do-able to see these small towns on the way to Seward.

Seward: Located two and a half hours south of our B&B, the drive down is gorgeous and in Seward, the day-cruises to see sea animals and birds and a trip to the Sea Life Center are both worth it.

Too far: It is not recommended to do a day-trip to Homer, Valdez, or Fairbanks from our B&B. These drives are just too long to make in one day there and back.

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