Too Close for Comfort? Advice from Your Host

Do you ever take vacations with extended family or good friends? At Alaska Garden Gate B&B, we’ve got every kind of accommodation, to fit whoever is in your family or group. Most of our rooms, apartments, and cottages can sleep up to 4-6 people. But that doesn’t mean you have to be that cozy! Or even that you should!

You know what? Alaska will tire you out! Not only will you want to be “out there,” seeing and doing everything, but my goodness, you’ll have over 18 hours of daylight each day to fill up with fun adventures. We do everything we can on our part to offer you good sleep: new beds, cozy comforters and quilts, white noise machines, wood blinds and blackout curtains to keep that daylight at bay when you want to get some shut-eye. We even ask other guests to be courteous and keep their voices down after 10 pm, because the natural instinct is to want to share the excitement that THE SUN IS STILL UP, AND IT’S PAST MIDNIGHT!! Well, some of us will take your word for it, and are trying to get a little beauty sleep at that hour!

Now you’ve got to do your part to get rest during your vacation. And a good part of that can be not only about sleep but about being able to relax. We hear all the time, “We’ll take the Bedroom with Private Bathroom, because all five of us can sleep in that one room, and we just need a place to sleep.” This one is our lowest-cost room, and we offer it for those who truly don’t mind being cozy with each other. A lot of Americans would call it being right on top of each other, and way too tight for their personal space needs. Me, I couldn’t do it with my family. My mom wakes insanely early, and she’s a plastic bag wrinkler…crinkle, crinkle, crinkle as she re-arranges her suitcase or takes toiletries out of their plastic bundles…And while I love my extended family, I don’t know that I need to be *that* close to them all the hours of our vacation…

That personal breathing space can make a big difference on a longer vacation to a long-haul destination like Alaska. There will be plenty of times you’ll be sandwiched in–airplanes, buses, boat trips, in your rental car, etc. Why add more pressure on all of yourselves by staying in too small of a lodging choice?

Our solution for that is to give our guests lots of options for separate space, for additional chances for privacy and moments alone. We have everything from one bedroom cottages with living rooms, to larger two bedroom, two bathroom cottages. Often we have people call up to book for:

  • Mom, Dad, and two kids: You can fit into a Guest Cottage with queen bed in the bedroom and pullout couch in the living room, but if the kids are no longer “little,” it will feel like there are bodies everywhere at all times, not to mention luggage all over… The better solution is the Two Bedroom/Two Bathroom Cottage so younger kids have the living room to play in, teens have a place to relax on the couch, and adult kids or Mom and Dad can retreat to their bedrooms for some separated time.


  • Two couples traveling together: You can fit into a Guest Cottage with queen bed in the bedroom and pullout couch in the living room, but it will feel like the couple sharing the pullout couch will be “in the way” all the time…The better solution is the Two Bedroom/Two Bathroom Cottage so all four can enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the day and unwind in the living room, and either couple can turn in at any time, to their private bedrooms.


  • Mr., Mrs., and her sister: If you’ve got to save money, our Bedrooms with Private Bathrooms are cost-efficient, but a Guest Cottage with separated bedroom and living room/pullout couch will give more privacy, and a Two Bedroom/Two Bathroom Cottage allows for use of the living room, without having to push the couch bed in, in order to have a place to sit.


  • Two single friends: It depends on your level of comfort…How are you with their bathroom habits or sleepwear?  While the economical Bedroom with Private Bathroom is enough beds, it’s pretty close! A Guest Cottage or Two Bedroom/Two Bathroom Cottage could have you coming out of the trip as better friends!

Like the saying, “fences make for good neighbors,” sometimes a little more personal space can make a vacation much more enjoyable. Togetherness is not all it’s cracked up to be, if your friend or family member snores, chews loudly, hums all the time or has other little habits that can drive you crazy!

After a couple weeks on your Alaska trip, with hours together in the car each day, do yourself a favor and buy yourselves all a little grace and comfort in a bigger accommodation choice! On our website, each accommodations page lists the square footage of each unit, as well as showing photos of each room/apartment/cottage. Feel free to call me, too, to talk over what might be the best fit for your needs.

From your innkeeper,

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