‘Tis the Season for the Company Christmas Party

Just a quick note tonight—this is the highest revenue week of my year, and I’m super busy. I’m catering 6 large corporate or group functions this week. Yesterday was a large day-long meeting of 50 hospital leaders. Tonight was a dinner for 35. Tomorrow is a Business After Hours for the Palmer and Wasilla Chamber in conjunction with our B&B Association, where one B&B dresses up really nice for Christmas to show what our B&Bs are like. For that one, 13 of our B&B Association members are bringing food. I’m donating a big pan of Swedish meatballs and one of Artichoke Dip and bagel chips for the 100 or so businesspeople who will stop by after work. Friday is an appreciation dinner for one of the large home builders here; Saturday is a day-long retreat at my B&B for a non-profit which looks out for children. Sunday is the piece de resistance: a huge holiday dinner with all the trimmings for 150 National Guard folks and families. That one I’m gonna need a helper on. I’m mid-way through roasting the refrigerator full of turkeys to feed the guardsmen, and tomorrow I’ll get 4 more done in the ovens. So far my feet are holding up well to all the time on them in the kitchens and serving. I’m just dead tired but so grateful for the bounty that is carrying me through the “slow” season.

And if I wasn’t busy enough today, of course, when it rains, it pours! An assistant in the Mat-Su Borough Assembly (like our local congress or governing body) called to book a retreat and catering for them, so I tapped out an e-mail quote and menus to her while turkeys were roasting. Then, a reservation agent called about taking 4 rooms for several nights during the Iditarod. What a day!

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