Three Channels, and Nothing to Watch

Living here in Palmer, near Anchorage, we have the privilege of receiving between 3-6 channels on free, broadcast TV. When we get severe winds, it can disrupt broadcasting. Also, sun flares can be problematic for television and phone connections because of our angle to satellites. Recently a couple stayed at my B&B. The man had been born in Anchorage but hadn’t been to Alaska since his family moved out when he was five years old. He was watching the Today show before breakfast, and they were reporting on something that had “just happened.” I reminded him that everything broadcast nationally is tape delayed, since we’re four hours behind East Coast time, so that press conference we were watching had happened several hours ago. That brought back to him that as a little boy, they had TV, and some of it was locally-produced programming. There were times, though, when there was no program on—just fuzz. At that point, the national network programs and news reels were put on an Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle and flown up for broadcasting each evening up here. If weather prevented the planes from going, from time to time there was nothing on TV.

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