Think Green

Our days are getting longer, reaching almost 10 hours of sunlight now. It’s that sweet spot in the winter, when we have beautiful snow, but warmer temps and longer days. However, as we near March, my thoughts turn to gardening!

I’ve got my seeds started in my living room, growing up lots of little sunflowers and scarlet-runner beans. Those are the workhorses of my greenery around the cottages! Trellises run up the sides of the cottages and provide the pops of color to complement the big, lush hansa rose bushes by the cottages. Hansas are a tough, rugged rose bush that just won’t kill—a good thing in our rough winters!

I named my bed and breakfast Alaska GardenGate B&B because of my love of gardening. I’ve had my hands in the soil since I grew up helping my gramma with her flowers and vegetables. I know good flowers, and I know that there is no one better at making awesome, spectacular flower baskets than Corey Jacobsen in Wasilla. Jacobsen’s Nursery provides our big “megabaskets” and they’re a thrill for our visitors. Check out the handywork of Corey and her staff at

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