Taking Care of Business in Palmer

Today was Rotary lunch day—every Thursday at noon, Palmer Rotary Club meets. I was able to go today. After the lunch, I had a few errands to run: I went to the bank, where Sue from Rotary is the manager. I went to the copy shop, owned by Rotarians Stacie and Mark. Then I ran by my dentist’s office, Rotarian Dr. Tony, to pick up my mouth guard. Yesterday, Debbie from Rotary was at a board retreat for the Alaska State Fair, which took place at my B&B. At this visioning session, they brainstormed. Rotarian Sara, who works for the City of Palmer, would be so happy: her idea of a drive-through giant cabbage was brought up. I’m kind of into how business happens in our little town. We all see each other fairly often, doing volunteer work for a service organization or on a board or pitching in on a community event. Not only is that fun, but that’s how things get done in business in Palmer.

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