Snowboarding at Hatcher Pass on Christmas Eve day

My mom and gramma are visiting from Illinois/Wisconsin for Christmas. It took them 3 days to get here, with the winter storms going through the Lower 48 and back-ups at the airports. Once everyone had slept enough, we went out on errands during our 4 hours of sunlight today.

On the way to Palmer, I decided to drive up to Hatcher Pass because neither of them has seen how glorious it is in the winter. They’ve mainly visited in the summer and fall before. I may actually prefer Hatcher Pass dressed in for winter than the lush green of summer. It’s so breath-taking. The winding Little Su river is covered by ice a good 18″ thick, then layered with about 3 feet of snow on top of that. There are spots of open, rushing water, where you can see the layers of ice and snow on top of the river, beside the open spots. The mountains are fluffy and thick with snow. And everywhere is white white pure white. So gorgeous.

I took them up near the top to see kids getting dropped off by dads in pick up trucks. The kids strap on snowboards, hop up, then disappear over the edge, off the road. They’ll get a ride up with the next dad waiting at the bottom with a truck. Mom and Gramma enjoyed watching youth being so active in the mountains on an eight degree day. We commented how much more serene and beautiful this was than hustling around in a mall somewhere.

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