Ready, Set, Mush!

Iditarod race takes off on Sunday, March 6th from Willow, about 20 miles up the highway from Alaska Garden Gate B&B. The Ceremonial Start of the race is on Saturday, March 5th in Anchorage, where it runs along city streets for several miles, before the mushers pack up and move to Willow for the actual start.

The Willow Community Center serves as the starting point, with the teams being staged on frozen Willow Lake, while more than ten thousand humans come to appreciate these canine athletes and see off the teams as they head into the wilderness. It’s a party! Dress in layers, with thick boots, and get ready to enjoy to clap your mittens, eat reindeer sausages, and enjoy an all-day festival-type atmosphere, all in pristine whiteness (go around the yellow snow). Get more information at .

We’ve still got Guest Cottages and a couple Luxury Cottages open for that weekend, as well as the lower-cost Bedrooms with Private Bathrooms in our new Inn building. Our location, just off the Parks Highway, is a great, central hub as you go between Iditarod events and take it all in. You can book online at:

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