Pets Love to Stay Here

Alaska is a pretty easy place to travel with pets. In most places, it is cool enough during the day to leave a pet in a car while you tour a museum or take part in an activity. Of course, there are loads of outdoor recreation areas for hikes! And you don’t have to worry about any of these: fleas, ticks, heartworm, or West Nile virus. None of these exist in Alaska!

At our B&B, with 10 acres to explore, there is plenty of room to go walking together on the trails or play ball on the lawn. All of our cottages and guest apartments have private entrances, which make it convenient for pets, with direct access to outside.

You must let us know at the time of your reservation that you’d like to bring your pet(s) so we can accommodate you We just ask that you pick up your pet waste and dispose of it in the garbage cans. There is a $20/night charge per pet.

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