Our Moose and other updates

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve seen moose at the B&B, though I’ve seen them around our area a lot when I’m out on the road. Yesterday evening about 8, I got home from a Mat-Su Borough Assembly meeting and let the dogs out. Little Girl saw the female moose in the shrubs just as I did. She ran over to bark at her. I took video of them out in the yard together, but it twitches a lot on the video because I kept flinching when mosquitos were biting me.

When the female charged Little Girl, I wasn’t sure which moose this was. The mama moose who I’ve had here for years doesn’t look like this one, I don’t think. I think this one is a two year old. This one also seemed mildly curious about Little Girl, whereas the mama moose has definite opinions about Little Girl and doesn’t hesitate to let her know. I’m pretty sure my mama moose is still pregnant and hasn’t calved yet.

I was at a B&B in Anchorage two days ago, Alaskan Frontier Gardens B&B, for a meeting. Rita, the host there, showed me her two moose, bedded down in the deep snow behind her house, about 20 feet beyond her windows. While we got about 6″ of snow on Friday that melted by two days ago, Anchorage got pounded with nearly two feet of snow, up where Rita lives on the Hillside. Her two moose were a very pregnant mama and a yearling who was still kind of small.

I was kind of concerned about my moose last night–her ribs were pretty prominent and her coat looked kind of rough. I guess this probably is the most scarce time of year, waiting for green things to start growing. She was eating birch bark out by the tennis net.

Today is a little rainy, which is great. We need it. I see that the buds on the apple tree right outside my kitchen window are just starting to swell a bit, and htat more branches are newly “snipped” where the moose have been munching on the tree. I’ll be glad if we get a drizzle rain today–it can help settle my pothole fillings. Yesterday, I filled potholes in the driveway by shovel, about 3 cubic yards of material. I’m sore today. My neighbor next door has exposed gravel outcroppings, so I took my 1969 F-250 over and filled up the bed, spade by spade full, then went up the driveway, placing rocks then sand then pebbles into each giant hole. I had a gravel company bring 7 dumptrucks of B chip gravel last year, and it’s mostly “gone,” either sunk into the drive or pushed off by the snowplow. I’m hesistating to do that again this year, not only because of the expense of covering a half-mile driveway, but also because it looks likely that construction will start this summer on the redo of my road, Trunk Road. It is just waiting for the Governor’s signature on the state capital improvements bill, then they can start. She got slowed down a little by going into labor at a convention in Texax last week. The baby was coming a month early, so she gave her hour-long speech and quick scooted onto a flight home. She wanted to have the baby at our local Mat-Su Regional hospital, a mile down the road from me, since she’s from Wasilla.

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