Nowhere Like Alaska Garden Gate B&B in Times of COVID-19

As I write, our world is in quarantine, to keep the spread of COVID-19 at bay. My view of the Knik Glacier, from my laptop at the kitchen table, looks like an ice and snow diamond, set between mountains near the end of the Chugach range of mountains. Knik Glacier is 33 miles from our B&B as the raven flies, so the soaring view over the Matanuska Valley from my B&B helps me to not feel the cabin fever of stay-at-home orders. I’m hoping that you are well with your family also, and we are cancelling existing summer reservations with no charge until it’s safer to travel again.

Plenty of fresh air for everyone!

Fortunate for us, the B&B is set on 10 acres in the country. With hay fields and the university farm’s cows down the road, social distancing is not a problem! We have a small “village” of 20 cottages, apartments and rooms that provide privacy and comfortable space for everyone. Once it’s easier to get to Alaska, I encourage you to choose Alaska Garden Gate B&B as your “base camp” for your adventures around Southcentral Alaska. With plenty of room to roam and fresh birch-scented air, our B&B is a better choice than a crowded city or highway hotel, and day-trips are easy from our location.

Close, but yet so far…

Alaska Garden Gate B&B is just one mile from the junction of Glenn Highway #1 and Parks Highway #3, so within minutes you’re exploring to the east, north and west of us. We have many itineraries and suggestions for the best things to do on your Alaska vacation, all easily accessible by car. Your family can go on your schedule and easily maintain space around you as you stop off at viewpoints and attractions on your daily roadtrip. Give yourselves plenty of time to sightsee along the way–after all, what is Alaska if not the largest bunch of wide-open spaces in the U.S.! As you depart our last bits of populated areas, there are so, so many snow-capped mountains; braided rivers; glacial moraines; birch, aspen and spruce forests, and the occasional outcropping of human settlements here and there. It takes time and sitting still for a while (and the right time of day helps, too) to view the wide array of wildlife inhabiting Alaska’s wild lands. They can be surprising, too. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in my bathroom and glanced out the window, to see Mama Moose munching the black currant bushes right there! So you don’t necessarily need to go far each to feel far from your regular life!

Our pledge to you

We have always enjoyed high ratings for cleanliness and now we are taking extra measures to sanitize each unit after guests depart. We are changing up our Check In procedures to offer self-check in with a Welcome letter containing many useful details. We are still on-hand to assist if you need us, though our staff will maintain social distance this summer for everyone’s health. There are changes to our well-known breakfast buffet, to keep our Dining Hall shut and to deliver many of the same delicious breakfast items to you in a hearty breakfast basket each day. There will be a breakfast basket in your fridge upon check in, and then for multi-night stays, the cleaners will put a fresh basket in your fridge for each following morning when they come in to refresh your cottage, apartment or room. Your health and safety while staying as our guests are my highest concern. These changes are not my preference; I started my B&B to get to know as many of you as I could! It still fascinates me, to think back on all the people from all over the world who’ve eaten and shared stories at my breakfast table. Come to think of it, maybe now *is* the time to write that book about the best and strangest things I’ve encountered as a B&B host over the 18 years since I started my B&B! Even in these days of new procedures for COVID-19, I hope that you’ll see our care and our humanity in the small touches. We give you our best, to show you we’re grateful that you’ve chosen our B&B.

I hope this note has renewed your zest for traveling and the chance to see Alaska! We look forward to welcoming you to our B&B when the time is right for you to visit!

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