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In the news last week about Channel 2 (NBC affiliate) in Anchorage: Zaser and Longston bought KTUU and a sister station in Fairbanks for a reported $4.6 million in 1981 from a company run by Bramstedt’s father. The company led Channel 2’s move into broadcasting of programs on the same day they were shown in the Lower 48. Previously, most programming was shown in Anchorage a week or two after being aired in the rest of the country.

…It was not so long ago that we moved into the modern age in Alaska! I thought of this news item when guests this weekend made a remark. They were 4 couples up here for a friend’s wedding, and they were all from Texas. Because of the time zone difference, they were always up and wide awake at 3-3:30-4 a.m. On New Year’s Day, when I got up to make their breakfast, the guys were all in front of the TV in the great room, cheering on Texas Tech in one of the bowl games which was being broadcast that early. This was new for them, they said, watching football before breakfast, before sunrise.

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