Moose are too close for comfort

My renter who’s a teacher for the school district on a one year contract from the East Coast says that the moose have been waking her up in the middle of the night as they roughly graze on the bushes against the 3 large picture windows in her apartment. As they browse, they are not gentle about ripping off and biting through the willow bushes. Their heads knock into her windows and startle her from her sleep. She asked for window cleaner because their tongue marks and slobber are all over the windows. She has a dog, Tashi. Tashi is about a 4 pound Shih Zhu. Tashi is quite brave and runs up to the mooses outside in the yard to let them know to back off from her windows. Then, my renter reports, she runs over to Tashi and scoops her up from in front of the moose. I have said in no uncertain terms that this is very dangerous behavior for both of them It scares the stuffing out of me.

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