Men In Trees in Vail-DEEZ

Are any of you into the TV show Men in Trees on ABC? I really enjoy it. It’s near the top of my list of favorites, of which there are many. I love watching lots of TV in the winter. I’m a sucker for romantic plots. It’s even kind of cute, how they try to make it seem like Alaska, even though it’s a pretty lukewarm version of Northern Exposure. You’d think they could get one of the basics right, though: calling real Alaska towns by their correct pronunciation. Nothing says “filmed in Vancouver” like talking about the ride down from Val-dezz. C’mon! It’s not like the town which is the terminus of the Pipeline was founded by Cortes. We don’t say it like it’s a Spanish mission; we say it like we have no idea that it’s said any different than Vail-deez anywhere else in the world. And we’d thank you very much for doing the same.

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