March Rains and April Flowers?

Well, as I write on a last day of March, the fluffy snow is coming down. Rain is almost never what Alaska receives in precipitation in March, so that traditional adage doesn’t fit here. March is one of our snowiest months. Unbelievably beautiful with our longer daylight hours, the expanses of “white diamonds” laid out on my lawns, sparkling in the sunlight…Ahhh! But, since I grew up in the Midwest, this time of year, my thoughts turn to spring flowers!

The starter flower plugs for my great big hanging baskets are all well underway and growing their little hearts out each day in our bright sun (in the warm, heated comfort of inside my house and in the greenhouse!). At this time of year, our daylight hours have already surpassed those of the Lower 48 (the rest of the U.S.), bringing dawn about 6 am and sunset about 9 pm. Just think of how long our days will be if you are coming to visit us in June, July or August!

This year, we are debuting our brand four new Two Bedroom/Two Bathroom Cottages. Since our tillable ground doesn’t thaw until the very end of May (and the deeper permafrost never goes out), and there is very little sod grown in Alaska, this means that the bare ground around our new cottages will be hydroseeded. That’s a very time-intensive process of laying down the seed, then watering the heck out of it for WEEKS. So, you’ll see we’ll have stakes with “police tape” cordoning off the little baby grass areas, and we much appreciate you staying off those lawns-to-be while it’s taking root! We apologize for the inconvenience of keeping you to the paths and parking areas right around those new cottages for the first couple weeks of June. There is just no other way to do it! We do have plenty of other lawns and spots to roam, explore, and let kids run off their energy!

Speaking of “new,” last week it was all hands on deck at the B&B! It was an exciting time, to see the furniture store trucks roll up the driveway! We were able to not only get the new furniture for the four new cottages, but also to replace all mattresses and couches in all of our original cottages and apartments!

Whew! I wish I had gotten a picture—it was a madhouse when we put out the 12 used Queen mattresses, 5 Kings, and 9 couches for Free, listed on Craigslist, for people to come get that day between 1-9 pm. Wow—by 1:15 pm, it was all swooped up and gone! That was most helpful to us!

This spring and summer, you’ll be some of the first guests to have slept on that bed and to sit on that couch. And our couches—what an improvement! Admittedly, the former ones we had were not great…They looked good, but for sitting? Eh… For sleeping on the older-style pullout couch? Well… The last several years I’ve tried to place only families with very young children in those units, who’d like to use those pullout couches… Definitely not adults or anyone of much weight—that sensation of bars-in-your-back was not helpful for a good night’s sleep! Now, these new couches are also pullouts, but they offer a much deeper, plush memory foam mattress. When I laid on those, I thought, “this is just heavenly!” Ahhh! I am happy to offer a much more “dreamy” extra bed with these new pullout couches!

Our B&B offers visual beauty, with all our summer flowers, both planted and wild in our woods. And with the improved comfort of our new beds and couches, we think we will provide you with unparalleled peace and comfort for you to rest at our B&B. Now that’s a great way to put you in the best place to “bloom” during the days of your Alaska adventure!

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