Mama Ain’t Happy

I’m dogsitting a church friend’s sweet pit bull, Pete. He’s two! He’s still a pup with a lot of energy! Little Girl, my 9 year old Siberian, is glad for the company but at the same time mostly annoyed with him. When he prances up to her and paws at her nose, to induce playing, her thoughts on the matter have not been kind. He clearly does not understand Husky life. He just thinks he can go run in any door without waiting for her to go first, that it’s ok to drink from her water bowl, and that gasp—he should just play all day! You can see her thinking, WHAT are we gonna do with this dog? He has no manners regarding pack order and submitting to her as alpha female, no respect for what is clearly hers, and waaaay too much energy.

I let them out first thing this morning, in the dark. I put Pete on a 40 foot cable from the front porch because earlier in the week he discovered the neighbors have chickens! How fun for him! He’s one of those dogs where you can end all of his thoughts with “and that was so exciting!” Little Girl walked out slowly, then sat down in the driveway, looking toward the rose garden. Pete started barking his head off, whether he sensed anything or not. Then after his bark-off, I could hear rustling by the apple tree by the garden. I brought Pete inside, not to annoy the moose/s.

Little Girl moved in closer to the moose, sniffing areas 50 yards away or so, quietly. The mom moose was not in a docile mood this morning. I could hear branches being ripped off the apple tree. Sigh. Those apple trees have to work so hard to exist up here. From the front porch about 100 yards away, I could hear her munch and snort and “maw” softly which made me think the boy bull was around. That was kind of neat to be in the dark, concentrating on just their sounds, the plodding of their hoofs along with the crunchy sounds of frosty grass and downed leaves. We have about an inch of crusty snow still on the ground from last week’s bigger snow.

Mom moose thought Little Girl got a little close so charged her. They leapt back and forth from each other for a little while. Mom moose moseyed toward the house and apparently had her heart set on black currants for breakfast. Little Girl didn’t want mom moose that close to me, since the black currants are only 10 feet from the front porch. I felt pretty protected because the porch is raised and has a sturdy railing/fence, and I could slip in the front door very easily.

A lot of days, the mooses tolerate Little Girl being outside with them, barking at them or roo-roo’ing in their general direction, and they have a known repor (? Spelling?) with each other—how close is too close in each other’s personal space. Today, though, I think Mom moose was just not in a good mood. She threw a fit like I have never seen. She ran Little Girl off a couple times, then I think Little Girl sensed this wasn’t joking around and made herself scarce. Mom moose was still on a tear. She snorted and growled and huffed. She banged her head through the branches of the chokecherry tree to rattle them. She kicked and bucked and swung around fast. She ran across the yard, to nowhere, kicked and bucked some more, and completely turned circles, having a big tantrum. She ran straight back at me to the black currants, which was fine with me. Little Girl wasn’t around and I was safe. She ran up to her bush where she wanted to eat, yanked a bunch of branches off and chewed loudly, I swear smacking her lips on purpose. Then just seconds later, on no cue I could sense, wheeled off and ripped out of the yard, back into the brush. Well, ok! I guess she showed me!

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