Little Girl the Husky Eats an Entire Moose

My mighty hunter, Little Girl the husky, loves being on moose patrol out in the yard and surrounding woods. It is her number one joy in life to try to herd the mooses out of her yard. They will have no part of that and mostly ignore her. She exacted her revenge this Christmas. I’ve never seen her take down and consume an entire moose.

She has never been a food-thief. She has never taken food off counters or the table. My newer dog, Hunter, came with some very bad habits so Little Girl has seen the benefits of checking out those surfaces. Mom and Gramma are here with me this week for the holidays, visiting from Illinois and Wisconsin. We made Christmas cookies together, and we frosted them one evening. The next night, before we got them boxed up for friends, we were in a different room and heard a patter of paws in the vicinity of the dining table. We returned just in time to see Little Girl drag away the moose and take it to her spot on the living room carpet to devour. She showed no signs of remorse.

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