Les Francais en aout









Mid-August, I had a group of 10 French folks on a tour stay here 3 nights. Due to a problem with a room, it was especially cozy (the two tour guide fellows got the living room…). They were supposed to have a guest apartment with a kitchen, and that’s the one that was out of commission while they were here. This led to them cooking dinners in my kitchen with much joie de vivre until nearly midnight.

Everyone dealt with what came their way very well, and we got to know each other through my rusty French. They learned a few things about Alaska and I learned that after making big American breakfasts for them several days in a row, they will only eat toast, and lots of it. Love that toast. Josette who was particularly sweet just sent me 2 photos they took as mementos of their time here. They were so kind to present me with flowers their last night here. In return, my parting gift to them were a couple jars of local highbush cranberry and fireweed jellies, for future toast.

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