Here’s to a Better 2021!

2020 was a rough one…On this winter day as I post this blog, health care workers are starting to receive the Covid-19 vaccine and there’s finally some hope. Going into 2021, we can hope to come back to more peace, more joy, and more fun! Happy New Year to you all!

Fresh air and wide open space is still important to vacationers in 2021

Covid-19 won’t go away in a blink, but we’ve all learned how to take better care. Increased cleaning in our B&B cottages and apartments, more hand washing and masking when we’re not able to have distance between us all helps make a safer environment to welcome visitors. We hope that as you’re looking at where to make your 2021 vacation memories, that you’ll come our way!

Alaska Garden Gate B&B, our country setting, and our town of Palmer, Alaska, are all wide open, with nothing crowded or dense. It’s easy to keep social distancing and better yet, to marvel at the natural beauty of this place we call home. See the mountains, the glaciers, the birch and spruce forests, the wild rivers, and the wild animals going their animals ways. Hiking, canoeing, ATV’ing and horseback riding are all ways to get into the wild and avoid crowded places. Fortunately, we can point the way on all of those activities!

You have our pledge to do our best to keep you safe

The summer is still months away, so we aren’t sure if we will have reached “herd immunity” or if the vaccine will have reached into the general public yet. Our plan at this time is to continue our enhanced cleaning methods and to stay socially distant with masks so you can feel confident about staying with us.

What’s for breakfast?

At this moment, we are advertising that we will continue our hearty continental breakfast baskets. We knew going into last summer that we would not be able to safely offer our full, hot breakfast buffet…That was a bummer for our return visitors who rave about our banana bread and staples such as our yogurt bar with fresh berries, nuts and crunchies to add in, delicious custom oatmeal, and specialties such as smoked salmon quiche or reindeer sausage. I miss offering that to you, too! I can honestly say that it’s been a highlight in my life to put out a wonderful breakfast, and welcome guests from all over the world to my breakfast table(s). When I first moved to Alaska in 2002, from Minneapolis, one regret was being so much further “away,” since I’d been an avid traveler around the U.S. and to Europe. I was thrilled to find that at my new Alaska B&B, the world came to me! I wouldn’t trade anything for the conversations I’ve had with those of you from far-away countries, or from not far away at all, too. Walking in to the Dining Hall and hearing three or four languages, seeing our French guests sitting with a Korean family or the Germans having a good time with the Australians, that is a delight, every day. We’ll return to that experience again, but it may not be this summer. We’ll see, and we’ll post new information if we are able to resume our breakfast buffet in a manner that is safe for everyone. In the meantime, there are conveniences to the breakfast baskets: if you want to sleep late, no problem. If you’re headed out fishing very early, also not a problem! Upon check in, there will be a breakfast basket for you in your fridge. This past summer, we even had late arrivals say they were grateful to eat banana bread and quiche for their dinner since it was till hard to know which restaurants were offering to-go meals! So, whenever you want to enjoy your “breakfast” in your cottage or apartment, that’s up to you : )

Checking in

During the summer of 2020, we offered Self Check In, which was touchless. We posted Welcome letters for each set of guests, which guided them to their cottage, apartment or room, with code numbers for the door, the WiFi password and more info. Since we live in our house, we are on hand to help, but most of that was done by phone this past summer. We are eagerly hoping that this summer we can be in closer touch with our visitors! Please don’t be offended if we start off the season with Welcome letters on our front door, and we encourage you to call us if there’s anything you need help with while you’re staying with us. As with our breakfast buffet, we hope to see that once again we can safely open up our Front Office, where guests can find brochures for activities, ask our check in staff for recommendations, or get advice on what to see and do.

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