Going Up!

Downtown Palmer has been under construction for the last year. Several building owners have been spiffing up, improving facades, putting up new awnings. It meant that this past summer, downtown felt a little “empty” since several shop tenants had to move out during extensive overhauls. This next summer though, there won’t be a more glorious place than downtown Palmer, Alaska. We might get a new restaurant. There’s a fancy new women’s clothing boutique. The bookstore is expanding, and the Palmer Arts Council has established a tiny little office. And guess what? Palmer is getting an elevator! About time, huh? The new “mall,” a strip mall that has been converted to a larger, two-story structure. I bet on the first day it’s open this spring, there will be a line to try out the new elevator. For me, that’ll have to do until I get the chance to take a plane ride up to Barrow to ride in the world’s northern-most elevator in their public service building.

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