Go Moose!

The Palmer High School Moose are headed to the state football finals! Congratulations to the team and Coach Christiansen. The Palmer High coach got his 100th win, joining the other 3 coaches in Alaska who have accomplished this record. Why so few? Remember, the great number of people up here is a relatively new phenomenon, the vast majority of us having lived here 30 years or less.

With the state volleyball tournament being held in the Valley in November, I recently sent out brochures for our B&B Association to invite teams and families to stay at our B&Bs. Another member who has kids in sports put together the list of Athletic Directors and high schools for me. I sat down to do that mailing, and it’s only 13 schools! Not counting our three Valley high school teams or the Anchorage schools (since they are only a half-hour travel time from us), that’s how many schools in the state are large enough to have a football team that can afford to travel up to 1000 miles to “away” games across the state…I take that back—I should also add in Barrow, where they proudly built a football field at land’s end, next to the sea ice. Their high school football team is now two years into the program, but it just isn’t feasible for them to fly out routinely to play in the regular conference of teams on the road system (plus Juenau who can ferry or fly in).

It’s a good time to be a blue Moose! Go Palmer, beat Juneau!

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