Everything You Need to Know for Successful Fishing in Wasilla, Alaska

Spending a day fishing in Wasilla, Alaska, is truly an angler’s paradise. The town of Wasilla is known as a great jumping-off point on the way to Talkeetna and Denali. You can gas up and get snacks or supplies before heading out into more remote parts of Alaska. However, the quality of fishing opportunities in the area makes it a remarkable destination in itself. Surrounding the museums, historic sites, and restaurants are shimmering lakes and rivers filled with a variety of fish. Find out exactly what you need to know to catch these trophy fish before casting your line.

This fantasy of fishing in Wasilla, Alaska, may lure you into making a trip, and our area has plenty of additional activities for you to experience. Request your free Vacation Guide for a complete outline of the best dining, recreation, events, and attractions in the Mat-Su Valley!

Important Information Before Fishing in Wasilla, Alaska

Find a Quality Fishing Guide

If you are visiting from outside the area, you’re going to need a professional to show you around. Luckily, we have compiled a list of the best Alaska fishing trips. Even if you are an expert in the techniques, these guides know the local geography and can help you find the best spots to snag the most fish. Luck only goes so far—make sure you give yourself every advantage possible to catch a photo-worthy creature to brag to your friends about!

One of our recommended companies, Fishtale River Guides, conducts salmon fishing charters around Wasilla and Anchorage. Catch a variety of local species on the Little Susitna and Deshka rivers with help from fishing expert Andy Couch. We highly suggest his services to ensure you have the most enjoyable experience possible

Local Tip: Looking for a fun activity that’s slightly out of the ordinary? The unique daylight cycle in Alaska allows you to start fishing one evening, then continue past midnight to reset your daily catch limit. Just remember to get a two-day or multi-day fishing license!

Be Prepared

Before your trip, be sure to explore the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website for information on state fishing regulations. Then, gear up and direct your questions to the local experts at Three Rivers Fly and Tackle in Wasilla. (Follow their Facebook page for up-to-date fishing info!) You can also grab supplies from Walmart, Fred Meyer, or Sportsman’s Warehouse. Rest assured that you will find knowledgeable employees at each of their bait and tackle counters as well.

Take Appropriate Safety Measures

Safety can be an issue when navigating through Alaska’s rivers and streams. Cold water temperatures can be an issue, even in summer. Be on the lookout for signs of hypothermia if you have fallen in or been wading in the water too long. Symptoms may include feeling disoriented, light-headed, or numb.

If you plan on fishing along river banks, as many people do, there are a few courtesy and safety tips to remember. Try to follow existing pathways, avoid stepping on wildflowers, plants, and crumbling banks, and dispose of any waste in an appropriate garbage can. When done correctly, fishing from the shore can be extremely fun! You’ll likely find groups of people gathered in slow-moving areas of productive salmon streams when the fish are running.

Alaska is home to magnificent animals, but they aren’t always friendly up-close. Make sure you are bear-aware when you are fishing. After you reel in a catch, don’t leave it on the bank unattended. It is always better to keep the fish with you to avoid attracting unwanted visitors, such as bears. Bring bear spray with you and learn what to do during a bear encounter prior to your excursion, even if you are with a guide. You will be incredibly thankful if one does show up!

Local Tip: Did you know that moose are considered even more dangerous to humans than bears? This is because there are more of them and they are unpredictable. A moose will stand its ground when a bear might run away, creating dangerous situations on trails or river banks.

Know Your Species

The Mat-Su Valley is home to an immense variety of desirable fish. Knowing which species to hunt for can help you when picking your bait, location, and time of year for the most success. The Little Susitna River, for example, is a great place to catch king salmon, silver salmon, pink and chum salmon, or rainbow trout. It may also be worth asking your guide or innkeeper about some Knik River fishing spots, like the Eklutna Tailrace, which is rich with salmon.

If you really want a trophy catch, try your luck at reeling a king salmon in. These are the largest species and are sure to impress your friends back home. Silver salmon are known as the best fighters, so be careful when pulling them in so that they don’t snap your line. The best time to try your luck is in the summer months when the salmon make their way up rivers and streams.

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