Does Anybody Here Work?

I had a coffee date with Bonnie today, on Friday afternoon. She’s the director of the Mat-Su Convention & Visitors Bureau, where I’m the president of the board this year. We went to the beloved Palmer watering hole, Vagabond Blues. There were probably 20 people who came in for coffees to go or to have a bite to eat and sit for a while. Of those, I knew more than a dozen of those folks. My pastor and one of my fellow church-goers sat and caught up. City Council member Mike stopped in, sat down with a steaming cup, and read the paper for a while. The gal from the group trying to make a larger, better museum in Palmer came in for a meeting at Vagabond Blues. A couple department heads for the Borough came in for a refreshment.

I don’t get to hang out at Vagabond Blues very often, but each time I’m there, I’m left feeling like, does anyone actually work in this town? I guess I mostly get there in the winter, when I have down-time, too. I love how social and personal Palmer feels, how it is so much on a first-name basis. And how being connected to each other an in each other’s lives is vital and part of how we spend our days.

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