Countdown to Iditarod

The Iditarod Trail Committee just announced the ReStart of this year’s Iditarod would begin in Willow again. There may not be enough snow in the Wasilla area to start the race in Wasilla. Willow always has lots of snow, and great weather for the Iditarod. I prefer the ReStarts in Willow. It’s so beautiful there on Willow Lake. I just got a camera that shoots video, so this year I want to get some of the ReStart on video, how picturesque and heart-stoppingly beautiful it is there, so I can put that on my website.

I’m looking forward to hosting a musher again this year. Last year Iditarod musher Kevin Morlock and his family and handler stayed here. They drove up from Michigan in their pickup, pulling a horse trailer that had been outfitted for their dozens of dogs. Guests loved that–to get to ask them questions, see them feed the dogs and head out on training runs. We had quite a few dogs here while Kevin was out on the trail because he had to drop several of his dogs a few days into the race. Several females went into heat all at once and the whole gangline was going bananas trying to get at them. Bummer! His wife Joan and daughter Aliya, and their handler Danielle were all so wonderful to get to know.

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