Christmas Mooses

I couldn’t figure out why Little Girl hadn’t come back to the door after I let her out the last time for the night. I went outside to see if I could see her in the moonlight off the white snow. I perceived a big dark something and went, oh, mooses! Then I saw her, and saw she was 10 yards away or so, watching them. When I came out, she decided to be the defender and started barking at them. They paid her no mind. They kneel down on their front knees by the chokecherry tree to nibble dried cherries off the ground. It was snowing pretty hard, a very pretty night time sight.

It occurred to me that all I’d need was a baby Jesus in a creche to place by that choke cherry tree, and maybe some industrial big lights on a stand so a camera could capture that picture?? Then I could catch them in the act of nibbling and get a great photo that looked like they had come to adore the baby Jesus. Wouldn’t that be a good photo for a Christmas card?

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