Checking in late at night

Here’s a picture from last night of our Mama Moose just outside our front door! This was at about 11 p.m. and she tried the raised bed with roses (not tasty; shown here) before she moved on.  At first, I heard clattering and couldn’t figure out what it was until I looked out the window and saw moose rump in my bushes in the dark. Dinner for Mama Moose last night was green beans. The Scarlet Runner Beans which had I’d put up the trellis to the side of our front porch, to be specific! The clattering was her pulling the green bean vines down off the trellis for her late night munch.

If YOU are a late night arrival, it’s no problem. For guests arriving to check-in after 10 pm, when we go to bed, there will be a Welcome note with their name on it on our front door. When arriving on our property, guests see a couple of signs that say Check In >> which lead them to our main house/B&B and to our front door. The Welcome note gives a little map of our property and shows how you can reach your cottage or apartment, as well as all the pertinent information about breakfast, how the number lock works on their door, how the cable TV remote works, and other check-in information. We’ll also “leave the light on for you” in your cottage or apartment, so you can easily see that your spot is the one you’re going to and it’s ready for you.

Starting Summer 2015, we’ll have a manager on duty later at night to help you check in, too. Because it’s so frequent that our guests arrive between 10 pm- 1 am, we’re bringing on a late-night staffer to help guests after we’ve gone to bed. We’re not quite sure how late they’ll work right now, but we know that between later flight arrivals to Anchorage and losing track of the time due to the summer’s late sun, quite a few people roll in after 10 p.m.

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