Busy fall catering

What a busy couple of weeks! When it rains, it pour with the catering. In the past two weeks, I’ve done several huge jobs with another B&B owner and friend, Mary Littlefair. She owns Alaska Gold Rush B&B and also caters with her company Susitna Shorty’s. We went together on a couple of jobs that were too big to tackle each on our own.

In a ten day period, we fed over 1200 people. There was a large breakfast and lunch for the University of Alaska Anchorage at the Fairgrounds, for the Northern Agriculture Symposium. They had a couple hundred foreign guests from northern countries like Sweden, Norway, Russia, China, Japan, and Canada who were here to learn about our agricultural advances. That was followed by the Greater Palmer Chamber of Commerce’s annual Auction. This year the theme was Passport to Fun, with an international theme. We put out four complete meals of different ethnic flavors, everything from salads to hot veggies and breads to entrees and desserts. Our menu included Mexican, French, Indian and Thai, bringing flavors to Palmer that you can’t find locally. That was for a couple hundred people. The following week, in addition to my regular Chamber of Commerce luncheon and Rotary luncheon I make each week for their meetings, we next did two large banquets on the same night in different places. That took some organizing! We were asked to provide the dinner for a community fundraiser for a man who fell off a high pole and shattered many bones in the line of doing volunteer work for the Fair. We were asked to bring food for 5p00. We fed 562 before the food ran out, and they raised over $70,000v for that man’s medical costs that evening. At the same time, we were running a buffet dinner for the Alaska & Hawaii Region of the Moose Lodge as they held their annual convention in Palmer this year. That was fun to feed a couple hundred of them at “home base” since I do most of my cooking out of the Moose Lodge kitchen, since it’s one of the few commercial kitchens available in Palmer.

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