Breakfast with Jeff Corwin and Animal Planet

I had the pleasure of hosting the Animal Planet crew last night, including host Jeff Corwin. Nice guys. I think they might be a little worse for the wear after celebrating Cinco de Mayo last night in Wasilla. The place they ate is not known for its seafood enchiladas. We had the chance to chat a bit over breakfast this morning. They tried the reindeer sausage and a rhurbarb coffee cake, as well as eggs and fruit and yogurt parfaits. They go from here a half mile down the hill from my B&B to the UAF Experimental Farm where they’ll film a segment with the moose who has a plug in its side which researchers can pull out. They look into the moose’s stomach to learn about its digestive process and what it is eating. They’ll go into Anchorage this afternoon to freight some equipment up to Kaktovik, then fly there themselves tomorrow morning. They’ll be up there to shoot a piece on polar bears. This would be an awesome time of year to go see polar bears, with the end of winter approaching and long daylight hours. Here, it’s light til after 11:30 now. On the North Coast, it must be light til nearly 1 a.m. already. They said this set of shows, some shot here at my B&B, will likely air in about July on the Discovery Channel.

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