Below decks on the Titanic

I had the opportunity on Monday to go on a cruise ship, to tour it, and to learn about their environmental and conservation measures. I took this same tour, too, last July since it was also offered to community leaders a year ago. This year I remembered my camera, so I got a picture of the poster that fascinated me last year. When you’re below decks in the bowels of the ship, down by laundry and waste managment and the engines, there are water tight doors that would close in case of disaster, just like in the movie Titanic. That was an eery feeling. Here is the poster showing employees to stay away so they wouldn’t become dismembered in case those doors were closing. Not that that happens often but still…

Anyway, it was lovely to tour the Princess Coral and learn all that they do to protect the environment. I knew from last year that they take blackwater (from the toilets) and clean it to the point that it pours clear from a tap (as well as having less coliform count than most of our city water supplies). I also learned this year that they are thinking about stewardship of the environment in places such as the spas (water usage) and even the offices (recycling the printer cartridges).

I liked seeing all the flags rolled up in their neat wooden boxes in the bridge where the captain guides the ship. They keep flags for any possible country where this ship would sail. This ship is narrow enough to go through the Panama Canal so many of the flags were Carribbean or European, not just Western Hemisphere like some of the PanaMax boats that are too wide to take through the Canal.

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