Be Spontaneous–About Some Things

You can still be spontaneous during your vacation to Alaska, but reserving in advance on things like train tickets, Denali tours, flightseeing and day-cruise tours means you can fit in all the things you want to see and do in Alaska. Just ask if you need assistance finding ATV tours, glacier hiking guides, fishing, or any of the great adventures you can have in the Mat-Su Valley.

If your travels take you to other parts of Alaska, we also recommend having lodging lined up before you get there. Unless you’re ok with the possibility of sleeping in your car, traveling where the winds take you or the spirit moves may lead to more adventure than you bargained for. In most towns in Alaska, tourists fill most of the lodging rooms during the busy summer months. And unfortunately, what is left late in the afternoon or evening may be undesirable to you in terms of price, quality or cleanliness.

While you’re at Alaska Garden Gate B&B, we can recommend quality B&Bs or other lodging for each of your other destinations if you haven’t already chosen places you’d like to stay. We’ve stayed at B&Bs and hotels all over Alaska and have first-hand knowledge of their places, as well as knowing the hosts. We’re happy to help call around to find the best place for your interests and to suggest things to do along the way.

Remember, most of the tours and activity companies in Alaska are mom-and-pop operations. Only in rare instances can you expect to get good results being a “walk-up.” We’ve seen it a lot where guests are out enjoying their day, it’s great weather and spectacular scenery, and they’re having loads of fun. They arrive back at the B&B at 9:30 p.m. and realize they would like to line up a fishing charter or flightseeing trip or ATV tour for the next day…Sometimes guests want to call a place at 9-10-11 pm and must think that there’s a “24-hour desk” or concierge waiting for their call or something like that…No….Mom and Pop have retired for the evening and don’t usually take kindly to calls at that hour! Also keep in mind that for smaller operations, they may be “full” for a particular day if you’re calling just the day before.

Because the numbers of visitors who come to Alaska each summer is three times the population of the state, the tours, cruises and such do sell out. Don’t leave your planning until last minute if there’s an attraction that’s important to you. We strongly recommend taking an hour or two on your first or second day here to map out a strategy, ask us questions about which things you’d like to do, and place calls to these tours or companies. It may take them a couple hours to get back to you, so giving yourself a day or so to coordinate a trip or activity with them is a safer bet. This way, hopefully you get the tour you want, at the time and day you want, at a price that fits your budget.

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