A Pineapple Express with your Thanksgiving Ham?

We had a green Thanksgiving. It was so disappointing. A couple of nights ago, the winds picked up. A storm was blowing in off the Gulf of Alaska. The weather changed all evening from temperatures in the teens to being in the mid-40s at night. Weird! All of our glorious snow, tufted on the trees, packed in clean white strips up the driveway, and sparkling across the lawn, melted, dripping, and gone. Sometimes we get one of those around Christmas, but it seems like there have been more the past few years. Those warm winds are called a Pineapple Express because they’re carried in with the currents from around Hawaii.

I’m getting more calls now for reservations during the Iditarod, and people in the Lower 48 always ask how the weather is here. They’re shocked to hear that it’s 10 or 15 degrees warmer here than where they are in Pennsylvania or Michigan or Montana. Obviously, it’s not always that way, but we’ve been getting warmer and warmer here for sure.

In that vein, I’m getting excited about the Iditarod. I host a musher each year, and I’m curious to see who’ll take me up on my offer to stay here super cheap with their handlers and their dog teams (since I have plenty of space for dog teams to get staked out) before the start of the race. It’s a neat way for guests staying here to be able to interact with a musher over a couple of days and learn about how they feed the dogs, get ready for training runs, etc.

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