A good reason for non-digital cameras

A huge bald eagle just flew past my kitchen window. I saw a large flying blob coming through the trees and had the instinct to run for my camera, but then remembered: the batteries are dead.

When I came back from church, the sun on the snowy trees was gorgeous, so got my camera from the house and came back outside. Every tree and every grass and wild rose is articulated, stems and branhes, in glowing white, kind of like how a spiderweb with dew looks in morning sun. It’s -1 degree today (chilly!) and I haven’t charged my camera in a while, so it died after about 6 shots.

It’s recharging now. Lot of good that does me now. That would have been an awesome shot if I could have gotten him quick enough–a big fat male eagle, moving right along on his way to somewhere with huge, powerful wing strokes, and his path took him between the spruces and over the apple tree that is not even 20 feet from the house. Some days I think I should pick up some of those disposable low-tech, ratchety-winding cheap cameras at Wal-Mart so I have SOMETHING when my fancy digital photo equipment isn’t cooperating!

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