3 mooses! 3!


How exciting! I saw mooses outside our bedroom window so went for my camera. When I came back, I saw that there were 3 of them! It was mama with two 4 month old twins! I didn’t realize she had twins again this year. This was our first time seeing this year’s twins. They had been quite secrative before this, but what with all the fruit trees ripe and delicious, apparently this was a good time for an introduction to Alaska Garden Gate B&B for the young ones!

You may recall that mama had twins last year, too: the boy yearling is the crabby one who keeps chuffing at us and mock-charging when we get out of our cars, and his sister had a run-in with a car but seems to be mostly healed and walking on her fourth leg again. Moose stats tell us that Mat-Su moose bear more twins than moose in other regions. The browse locally is more nutritious for moose moms and supports more twins sets coming to full term, as well as seeming to play a role in twin conceptions.

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